Referring On

referral advice multiagency practice guidelines 42

The four main areas for concern are:

Anyone who has information regarding a child who is at risk of harm or has undergone harmful practices is required
by law to disclose this information to the police or social care under section 47 of the Children’s Act 1989. 42


Law and policy allow for breach of confidentiality if it is in the public interest or if a criminal act has occurred.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council states:

“You must disclose information if you believe someone may be at risk of harm, in line with the law of the country in which you are practicing.” 50

Due to the cultural beliefs and often loving intentions of parents who are considering putting their children through the procedure, it may not be appropriate or necessary to remove the child from the parent’s care, but it should be investigated by social services. If the child is in immediate danger, the police should intervene. 42